Let’s Fix Your Query!



If you're not hearing back from agents, there is a problem with your query. But not necessarily your book! Distilling an entire manuscript into a compelling and coherent few paragraphs is brutally difficult. Fortunately, it's a lot easier if we do it together. I'm not simply going to take a red pen to your current query letter and send it back to you. Unless the pitch is almost perfect already (in which case you’d have an agent by now), a one-time, red-pen correspondence is too limiting to get results. A straight edit can’t, for example, uncover the hidden genius of a book. I’m amazed how many times I talk to an author and realize the most compelling aspects of their book aren’t even in the query! That’s why I like to go deeper.

First, I’ll give your query a read, and then we'll talk on the phone so I can truly understand what makes your book special, even if it's not already on the page. Next we'll work together to show that off in a concise, professional pitch.

• One 60-minute call to discuss your book, strategize your agent search, and answer your questions

• Detailed line notes and thorough overall feedback on your query and first five pages

• One review of your revision

Price: $195



What others are saying

Thanks to Tiffany, I currently have seven agents reading my novel manuscript! Before working with her, I’d queried agents and gotten no response despite having the opening chapter of my book published in a major journal. I’d thought my query and synopsis were good but thanks to Tiffany, they are SO much stronger and now in sync with the voice of my main character. Tiffany also gave me incredible notes on my opening three chapters which have streamlined the story and improved the book. She is positive yet completely honest, a perfect combination for an editor. I am grateful she took me on.
— Robert Kerbeck
“Tiffany was engaged in my project from day one, and she never flagged in her enthusiasm and deep consideration for my work. So many times I would read a comment or idea from her and wonder ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ She gives constructive criticism but provides it in supportive and helpful terms. My work is absolutely more polished and has greater depth thanks to her. I cannot recommend Tiffany’s editing services highly enough, and it’s partly due to her timely and insightful feedback that I was able to secure my dream agent! “
— Re Marzullo
I was too close to my query letter to see its flaws and I needed help getting it to the next level. Tiffany provided exactly what I was looking for! She was professional, efficient, and kind, and I now have a clear, consistent story to pitch to agents. I can’t recommend her enough!!
— Suzanne Yeagley