I’ll give you honest and constructive feedback on your novel before you start approaching agents or the marketplace. If you’ve already put yourself out there and aren’t getting the reception you wanted, we’ll figure out how we can turn things around. I'll carefully read your pages and send you extensive line-by-line notes and a thorough editorial letter discussing such elements as voice, clarity, plot, emotional impact, character, and structure. Then we'll follow up with a 60-minute call to discuss any aspect of your novel or publishing goals.

  • One 20-minute consultation to help me understand you and your book
  • Thorough developmental notes on the project as a whole
  • Line-by-line notes on the page via comments and track changes
  • One 60-minute, post-edit telephone consultation to go over your plans for revision, address questions, and bounce around hypothetical solutions

Price: $8 per page (250 words = 1 page), 200 page minimum.

To learn more an apply for a spot on my schedule, please click the button below and tell me about your book. If I sense we’d be a good fit, you’ll be invited for a free consultation where we’ll discuss your book and how we might take it to the next level. If we both want to move forward, we’ll either get to work or get you on the waitlist.