Find the time, confidence, and focus to {finally} finish your novel.



Only about 1% of aspiring authors ever finish their books.

I’ve been a writer and writing coach long enough to know this is not a question of discipline. If you’ve been successful in your career or your education, you have the discipline.

What you don’t have is a game plan. Unlike a college student, you don’t have a step-by-step syllabus or a list of departmental requirements to prod you forward, so every day presents a new opportunity to get derailed.

It’s time to get prepared and approach this novel like a pro. We’ll create a personalized game plan that tells you exactly how to bounce back any time writer’s block, time constraints, or self doubt get in the way.

This challenge isn’t about me talking. It’s about you doing.

Over the next 6 days, you will:

  • Make more time to write

  • Silence your inner critic, so you write like a confident pro

  • Prep for any setback, so you never get derailed

  • Bust through writer’s block and stop staring at the blank screen

  • Keep your manuscript focused, so you don’t waste a year writing 300 pages that don’t come together. (I’ve done this and it sucks!)

When you’re done, you will have a comprehensive playbook for starting strong and following through. 



In case we haven’t met, I’m Tiffany, a novelist, editor, and writing mentor. After being laid off from my job as a flight attendant, I was determined to reinvent myself as a writer, and thanks to some amazing teachers and mentors, I’ve been lucky enough to live that dream. I've supported myself with my freelance writing, seen my byline in numerous literary journals as well as big pubs like The New York Times, been interviewed on TV, heard one of my short stories read on NPR, and I’ve seen my novel on the front tables at Barnes & Noble.

I've also struggled with writer's block, self criticism, time management, and pretty much every version of not finishing, so the work we do in this challenge is as much for myself as for you. 

Here’s what I can promise  – writing “The End” is just about the best feeling in the world.

Even if you produce an unreadably bad first draft and you know you’re in for a massive revision (I’m feeling this one with novel 2 right now!), even if you’re not sure it holds together, and even if you fear your writing totally sucks, finishing a novel is a life-changing accomplishment. You may feel turmoil for a time in the midst of rejection, but you will recover and that sense of pride will live in you forever. 

It’s time to finish your novel already!!!




When I was stuck in the middle of a partially completed manuscript, Tiffany got me to “The End.” Not only do I adore Tiffany personally - boy, has she helped keep me motivated - I feel lucky to have worked with a published author who really understands storytelling.
— Dr. Liz Alexander
Tiffany gave me a perspective and foundation I’ve never had. As a not-so-young but new author, I suffer from the same insecurity and lack of confidence we all have/have had, and that can be devastating in the solitary world of creative writing. For the only time in three years, I’ve written without fear of rejection.
— Bill Fehlinger
Tiffany’s support and guidance are truly invaluable. The information and advice that she has given me, and the way that she provides it in such a clear and streamlined manner, make my goals feel wholly attainable.
— Molly Cimikoski