Finish Your novel

I worked with an author who had been stuck in the middle of her novel for more than two years. She’d been revising the first half for so long that she’d lost all momentum and feared the project could never come together. We spent eight intensive weeks discussing plot, loosely revising new pages, and doing everything we could do together to create momentum. Because she is arguably the fastest writer I’ve ever met and good at writing fast (I’m still in awe!), she was able to finish a terrific novel that we were both thrilled with and get it to her agent only 64 days after we met. (Admittedly, I don’t know if anyone else on the planet has the time, energy or talent to move that quickly. Certainly not I!)


Find the right literary agent

Another client came to me after months of being ignored by agents, save the occasional form rejection. He was frustrated but still believed in his book and wanted to do everything he could to make things happen. After speaking with him about the book and reading his query, synopsis, and opening chapters, I was a die-hard believer in his book. His query? Not so much. First, we reworked his pitch and sharpened the already-good opening chapters, and then, instead of shooting in the dark, we worked together to create a highly-targeted list of top agents who would be a great fit for him and his book. He then pitched 9 agents with personalized queries, and within a few weeks, 7 of them had requested his full manuscript.


RevisE Your project

I’m currently working with a client whose memoir proposal had earned him an astounding amount of initial interest from agents based on queries and conference pitches. Unfortunately, those agents were quickly passing on the proposal and each had similar concerns over the story or lack thereof. He knew he had an exciting tale on his hands, but he couldn’t see the story’s heart or how to shape it. The pages were gripping but unfocused, and each piece of the synopsis was fascinating, but as a whole, it was all over the place. Through biweekly coaching calls and monthly page reviews, we’ve nailed down the real story, brought out the author’s voice, and fine-tuned the book’s themes. He has been hard at work rewriting the opening chapters and synopsis, and our goal is to polish his proposal package within the next two months. Crossing my fingers, but I believe this guy is going to be huge.


What these clients have in common is that they are deeply invested in their books and their publishing potential. They were willing to not only invest in me but invest their time and heart into jumping headlong into their own success. I’m just a catalyst, they stepped up and did the heavy lifting.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Tell me about your book.